Danbury construction site has important moments

2021-12-15 00:12:16 By : Mr. Joe Yao

On the corner of Boughton & Main Street in Danbury, where I live, there is an impressive large-scale construction project.

I have been observing the work of these people, adding to the CIFC (Connecticut Community Research Institute) building, which is really impressive. I have always been amazed at the speed of integration of this project and the way they work to accomplish these tasks.

I watched them methodically construct a huge wing on an already large building in Danbury. It's really interesting to see the way they do this, especially in terms of security. This crew member has certain measures that they must take, so there will be no tragic accident. As far as I know, each of them has a rope on their lower back to prevent falling.

For such a huge project, you might think that the dangers are mostly unresolved, which makes sense, but things on the ground on Sunday (December 12, 21) become a bit tricky. I saw this when I was about to go out for morning tea:

It seemed that the material leaning on the fence had all overturned, tilting the temporary fence back. I don't think the fence is built to bear the weight of these materials. Today I will use a different route for daily jogging. What is the reason? It should be the wind, right? The wind in downtown Danbury is amazing. I don't know why, but it feels more windy here than other places in the city.

I don't want to be the person in charge of this website. He received a call saying that this happened. You are about to enter a relaxing day. Perhaps while watching a football match, you will receive a call saying that there are tons of building materials blocked by barbed wire on the city streets. Sunday was officially ruined for someone.

I like living in the city center very much. We moved here from the German City Road area about a year ago and I have had enough. There are always some exciting things worth seeing, such as this fire hydrant emptying on Friday.

Hell, if nothing exciting happened, on the street, I walked to the ice arena to participate in the Danbury hat-trick match and saw twelve games. (Warning: language)

Update: The problem has been fixed. Building materials no longer lean against the fence.  

Update 2: I'm not sure that the building materials leaning on the fence are as heavy as I originally thought.